duext — Disk usage by extension

Small Perl script similar to the du(1) command, except reporting by file extension. Kind of like a poor, primitive, text-only version of QDirStat or WinDirStat.

Download and Install

Download: duext.pl

It is a Perl script. Do whatever you need to do to run a Perl script on your system.

On *nix, I name it just "duext", make it executable (chmod a+rx duext) and keep it in my PATH.

On Microsoft Windows, you'll prolly need to name it "duext.pl" for the system to recognize it as a Perl script.

Manual Page


duext - analyze and report disk usage by file name extension


duext [-h] [-n] [DIRECTORY]...



-h reports using human-friendly scale and suffix
-n considers all-numeric extensions as one extension type



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