Open File Grumbler. A script to nag users about files left open overnight. Backing up open files on Windows is problematic.

VBScript. Intended to be invoked automatically every night, via "Scheduled Tasks". It checks for any open network files and emails offending users a reminder. It also mails the admin a report for all users.

Assumes any users who will have open files are reachable via email to "" (where "USERNAME" is the NT user account name, and "" is your organization's domain name). If your email addresses are different from your usernames, it won't work. You could, however, create a special subdomain with aliases to make it work.

Developed on Windows Server 2000 in a single Active Directory domain. It continued to work through at least Server 2008.

If you have "complicated" usernames (spaces, multiple domains, etc.) it will probably fail miserably. You have been warned.

For full documentation, see the included "READ ME" file.