Backup scripts for NTBACKUP

Long ago, some people have requested copies of my backup scripts. Here there are. These are all based on NTBACKUP, which went away with Windows Vista and Server 2008, so they're very obsolete now, but it doesn't cost me much to keep there here.

Provided free of charge, no warranty, use at your own risk, etc. You can do whatever you like with them, including change them, redistribute them, etc. No conditions or limitations.

There's really two separate things here. One is for backing up with NT RMS, the other is for disk-to-disk backups using ROBOCOPY. In both cases, you'll need to Read The Friendly Source to use 'em. They are generally well-commented.

NT RMS is "Removable Media Services". Mainly tape, but it's possible for a disk-based system to support RMS. Also called NTMS.

"Disk-to-disk" refers to the technique of backing up a computer's disk to another computer's disk, instead of to magnetic tape (as was the custom at the time). In my case, I was backing everything up to a single server using disk-to-disk, then backing up that one server to tape.