Nortel BCM CDR — Call Detail Recording

(This is based on BCM 400 Release 4.0.)

The BCM has CDR logging built-in. It has no analysis features. Nortel expects you to buy third-party tools. Depending on what you want to do, looking at the raw logs may be sufficient for your purposes. They're ASCII text, and somewhat human readable. Or you can do the work to parse them using your own data analysis tools. Even Microsoft Excel might do in a pinch.

To enable CDR logging:
  1. Open BCM Element Manager and log in to your BCM
  2. Configuration tab
  3. Telephony -> Call Detail Recording
  4. Set "Format" to "Norstar"
  5. Set "Report type" to "CLID"
  6. Tweak other options as desired

The GUI tools Nortel provides to download the logs from the BCM are somewhat flaky, in my experience. I figured out how to automate it, suitable for use from a scheduled script. Below is a batch file (NT command script) for that. You need the CDR Client installed to get the "CDRPullEngine.exe" utility the batch file calls.

Download: bcm_cdr_pull_now.cmd